What’s it mean to Invest Better?

Less Risk

Better Returns

Zero Hassle

We like the Real Estate Investment Trusts—(REITs). But investor returns in our sponsored, direct, multifamily opportunities exceed returns of the Public REITs.

While the REITs do provide investors with public market liquidity, investors typically sacrifice yield.
REITs grow at a slower pace. They can only reinvest a maximum of 10% of their annual profits back into their core business lines each year.
Our Value and Core strategies are less volatile and historically pay significantly higher comparative risk adjusted returns.

Private Equity’s ability to achieve higher returns compared to investing in the Public Markets is attributed to a several key factors:

  Our Portfolio and Operating Managers have high powered incentives to drive values for our investors with lower deal expenses and fees.

  The use of intelligent debt and leverage. This provides financing and tax advantages which are highly accretive to investment returns.

  Unlike the REITs, our private equity model uniquely provides tax advantages through depreciation, tax-free refinances, 1031 exchanges, and legacy wealth transfers.

  Our integrated management team keeps a constant and determined focus on cash flow and margin improvement, having a direct impact on investor values.

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